How to Close Every Sale

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You can close every sale by eliminating fear from both sides of the table.

Often times in a sales situation, the prospect feels a lot of fear because they are worried about overpaying or getting a bad deal or that they are not getting the return on investment that they really wanted to get.

The problem is that on the other side of the table, the sales rep often fears a lot of pressure, maybe from the management or from their spouse because they need to put food on the table.

The problem is when those two people come together, they end up butting heads and having a very uncomfortable sales process instead of a cohesive one where they both walk away with what they were after.

How do you make sure that if you are in the roll of a sales rep you can have a very cohesive sales process?

#1  “As Is” your customer or prospects fears

You need to acknowledge what they feel or what they are fearing before they even mention it.  Ask them questions like:

“I know you might be concerned that you are not getting the best value. How can I work with you to make sure that you dont feel that way?”

“What are you concerned about during the sales process that I can clear up and would help you along?”

And just by “as is-ing” and asking those questions you can move them from a position of being very fearful and very skeptical, to being a lot more comfortable.

#2 Take yourself out of the equation

Make sure that you are not focused on all of the things that you could be concerned about. If you are worried about putting food on the table and all those other problems, that will come up, maybe not verbally in the sales process, but the customer is going to suspect that something is not quite right.

Stay 100% present and stay focused on the customer more than yourself. This is not a time to be concerned about you. It is a time to be concerned about what the customer is looking for.

When those two tips come together, the value of the service you provide and value your prospect wants to give in exchange for whatever your goods and services are will match and you will be able to make a very comfortable, very easy sale with the fear eliminated from both sides of the table.

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