How to Eliminate the Junk in Your Business Trunk

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Have you ever found yourself staring at your computer screen or just hanging out in your office trying to figure out what to do next because yo have a ton of things on your schedule but you don’t know what to do next so you end up spinning your wheels for 30 minutes or an hour and you feel like you just wasted all of that  time and you didn’t get anything accomplished?
Well that is a symptom of having too much JUNK in your business trunk.

There are 3 very simple areas that I want you to look at in order to clean up that space and get rid of all that mental clutter that will get in your way and prevent you from accomplishing what you are really after.

#1 Clean up your space

Clean up the space around you.  A dirty space does not help you get things done.  If your looking at dust and your looking around and there is a pile of paper you said you were going to get to 6 months ago and you still  haven’t, take the time to clean that space up.  because as soon as you clean it out, its going to feel freer.  It will feel like spring time in your mind and it will help you get going and moving in the right direction.

#2 Work on your mental space

Take a good inventory of the stuff around you.  If everything you look at around you reminds you of maybe an old employee that you had to let go or maybe something that you used to work on but you don’t do anymore – all of these things that when you see them, they remind you of old habits and bring up all of these old memories – get rid of them! It’s time for all of that stuff to go regardless of how expensive it is, some of that stuff just needs to go and get out of your mental space and out of your physical space.

#3 Clean up your time.

There are probably a lot of things on your calendar that you want to be doing but you can because you don’t have enough time and it probably also means there are things on your calendar that you need to get rid of and say no to in order to free up some space.

I will say this very simply:

What you tolerate, you create.

What I mean by this is that everything you tolerate in your space whether it is that you tolerate things being dirty, you tolerate things being on like an episode of hoarders because you have so much stuff around you.  Or you tolerate things on your calendar that are a waste of your time you create a business that is reflective of what you tolerate.

So if you want to have a better business with more time and the ability to get more accomplished, start tolerating less in your space and it will help you clean up your business tremendously.

I hope this tip was helpful for you.  It is always good for me as a refresher and to also help give you one more resource that will help change your business this week.