How to Build a Team of 10,000

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I just finished up a great event with Redken Haircare called Symposium 2015, out in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They do this huge event every year for over 10,000 of the top hair stylists all over the country!

One of the greatest things that I took away from this event is something they believe in wholeheartedly. The concept is this:

If you want to start a religion, you have to bring the people to church.


What I mean by this is not that you have to start a religion, but if you are looking to grow your company and your brand and you are wanting to expand how you operate, these are some great questions to consider:tonyhsieh-culture

1.  What would you need to do in order to bring people together and get them excited to be a part of your brand?

2.  How do you get them excited to be a part of the same tribe, or the same culture?

3.  What would you need to do in order to bring them together in a way that they feel more connected, and more like they are family instead of just being customers, clients or consumers of yours?

Whether you are a part of Redken or any other brand, this still applies to you.

If we can help you in any way, maybe help you develop your brand, or grow your business in to the giant colossus it deserves to be, let us know!  Give us a call at 916-258-5852 and we can see how we can help get you started.